Adopt a Polar Bear

Until recently, polar bears have been one of nature’s hardiest survivors. Because of global warming, scientists predict two-thirds of their global population could disappear within the next fifty years. Rising temperatures are literally melting the ice beneath their paws, drastically reducing their habitat and food supply. In Western Hudson Bay, Canada, where ice is freezing later in the fall and melting earlier in the spring, polar bears are going hungry because they have such a short season to hunt for seals on solid ice. There has already been a decline in their health due to weight loss and in the number of cubs they have. And, in the Beaufort Sea near Alaska, some bears have drowned while trying to swim to ice, which is moving further and further out to sea. Others have even resorted to cannibalism when they’re stranded without food. Please help us save wildlife from global warming and other threats before it’s too late. Adopt a polar bear today!

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