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Adopt a Harp Seal

The harp seal, named for the harp-shaped marking on its back, spends most of its time in arctic waters searching for fish and crustaceans. Global warming is bringing rapid changes to the Arctic as the summer icecap shrinks to smaller sizes than ever recorded in the past. This change may have a negative impact on the population of fish and other animals on which harp seals feed, and quite possibly the seals as well. During the warm seasons, the seals live along the edge of the arctic icecap. As winter sets in, and the icecap expands, the seals move south until they reach their breeding area and remain there until late spring and early summer when they follow the retreating icecap north. The migratory round trip for the northwest Atlantic harp seal population is around 2,000 miles. Have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to protect these animals and other imperiled wildlife throughout America. Adopt a harp seal today!

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