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Adopt a Bee

Bees are the most effective and important pollinators. They pollinate both our crops and wild plants, providing us with one-third of the food we eat and allowing wild plants to reproduce and produce the berries, fruits, seeds, and other plant foods that form the base of the natural food web. The honey bee is an imported domesticated species used to pollinate crops, but there are over 4,000 wild native bee species in North America that perform the critically important ecological service of pollinating wild plants across all North American ecosystems. Most bee species are able to feed on the nectar and pollen from a variety of plants but some species are specialist and require specific host plants to survive. Without healthy habitat, wild bee populations decline and our ecosystems weaken. Pollinators worldwide are in decline from pesticide poisoning, disease and habitat loss. The loss of bee populations puts both our agricultural system and the ecosystem that supports other wildlife at risk. Help NWF in its efforts to protect and recover the wild places that sustain wildlife. Adopt a bee today!

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