Adopt a Baby Gibbon
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Adopt a Baby Gibbon

style #: BGIBN35
Meet Zippy!
Howdy, friend! Glad to meet you! I'm ''Zippy'', a baby gibbon. Gibbons are apes, as you can see. No tails! But take a look at my arms. When I grow up, I'll have the longest arms of all the monkeys and apes compared to the size of my body. My arms will be about two-and-a-half times the length of my body! So when I start swinging around from tree to tree, I can really do a good job. That's called brachiating (say ''BRAY-kee-yay-ting''). I'm a natural gymnast!

Adopt me and read more of my story!

Adoption Includes:
  • Soft, cuddly 8'' plush
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Beautiful story card about me