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Adopt an American Pika

American pikas are small mammals with short, stout bodies and big, round ears. Despite a similar appearance, they are not rodents but instead belong to the same family as rabbits and hares. Pikas are often heard before they are seen. They make calls and sing to define and protect their territory, alert others to the presence of dangers and attract mates. The call sounds like the bleat of lamb, but more high-pitched and squeaky. For years, the polar bear has been the symbol of the global warming movement. But today, the American pika has good grounds to compete with the polar bear for this unwanted honor. American pikas are suffering because global warming has brought higher temperatures to their western mountain homes. Pikas live in high mountain ecosystems that are cool and moist. Higher temperatures can cause the pikas to overheat. Unlike other mountain species that can move to higher altitudes in warming climates, pikas live so high on the mountain that there is nowhere for them to go. Without our protection and help, American pikas could be the first species with the distinction of going extinct due to global warming. Please help NWF save wildlife from global warming and other threats before it is too late. Adopt a pika today!

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