Spring and Summer Wild Bee Motel

Spring and Summer Wild Bee Motel

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Support wild pollinators with nesting habitats! Provide missing habitat for these awesome pollinating bees with a variety of nesting hole sizes and nesting materials.
An instant bee hotel set that provides missing nesting sites for wild hole-nesting bees. Includes two pheromone attractant sprays that attract bee species in the mason and leafcutter bee groups.

    Spring and Summer Wild Bee Motel Includes:
  • Chalet Bee House: 10" H x 10" W x 8 1/2" D
  • InvitaBee pheromone attractants for both mason and leafcutter bees
  • 20 BeeTubes - size 4mm
  • 25 BeeTubes - size 6mm
  • 25 BeeTubes - size 8mm
  • 20 Natural Reeds - size 6mm
  • 20 Natural Reeds - size 8mm
  • 2 solid wood boards for carpenter bees

Instructions: Install the bee house 5-7' high on S-SE facing wall or fence. When daytime temperatures consistently drop below 60F and bee activity stops in the early fall, remove natural reeds, BeeTubes, and pithy stems. Place into a protective fine mesh bag and store with holes facing up. Store over the winter in an unheated garage or shed. Large carpenter bees will hibernate in their solid wood boards. These large, long-living bees are capable of cleaning out and reusing their nesting tunnels.

Made in the USA Garden for Wildlife - Young

Item Number 220009
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