Adopt an Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes don’t mind the cold or harsh brutal winters in the Alaskan and Canadian tundra. While other species try to survive the winter by going into hibernation, the arctic fox stays above ground hunting for prey year round. Arctic foxes minimize the loss of heat by having very short muzzle, legs and ears, and very dense fur. They change coloring with the seasons. In the winter they have all white or bluish-white fur that helps them with camouflage in the snowy tundra. In the short summer season they lose the white fur on their backs and it is replaced with a grayish-brown fur. Arctic foxes will eat whatever prey or food is available. During the summer they dine on rodents, rabbits and birds. In the winter it is a lot harder to find food so some arctic foxes follow around polar bears to scavenge off the large carcasses of seals they’ve left behind. Help NWF in its efforts to protect and recover the wild places that sustain wildlife. Adopt an arctic fox today!

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