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Adopt a Monarch Butterfly

Adopt a Monarch Butterfly

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$35.00 Adoption Kit

Monarch Butterflies need your help!

    With this symbolic adoption you will receive:
  • A plush animal 14'' long
  • A Certificate of Adoption
  • An 11'' x 14'' full-color poster

Your adoption is symbolic and your donation will be used where it is needed most to help protect America's imperiled wildlife. Standard shipping via USPS is included in your adoption. Offer good while supplies last. NWF may substitute your gift with one of similar value. Warning: Choking Hazard - Adoption plushes contain small parts not for children under 3 years.

Item Number BFLY35
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Q: SOME BASIC COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS! . 1a. Why don"t you show the many questions & answers & reviews people have written or could write about? 1b. Don't you realize that by showing a multitude of realistic practical questions & answers like are found of product reviews, you would be providing a learning experience and information from many minds?..., and by not doing that you are essentially withholding rather available information because there are millions of U.S. citizens who seem to have a real love for survival of the Monarchs? Are the questions & answers you already have not enough for you to begin today or tomorrow or at least very soon showing them with your e-mail? 1c. Do you think most active people with busy lives have time to ponder the Monarch's situation and think up questions?... Do you think they could get answere to their own personal questions if you showed questions & answers, and that would inspire their minds to provide more & better questions & answers? 2a. Why do you not sell seeds for milkweed plants and other flowers which are healthy food for Monarchs,so folks nterested in saving the Monarch can grow milkweed & other Monarch food in their yards and encourage their friends & neighbors to do likewise. I think you could sell seeds with a quite small inexpensive pamphlet about how people themselves could create a more healthy Monarch Habitat for likely or perhaps less that the 15 or 20 dollars asked for a donation for your canvas shopping bags. What do you think about that idea? 3a. Why do you sell factory made things like "plush 14" animals" and 11" X 14" posters, both of which will likely end up in either landfill or recycle, instead of natural things like seeds for monarch food and encouraging educational information about how people can do things that perhaps can actually help the Monarch population become sustainable? Do you not realize that if provided p to ask questions and write answers and write reviews,. then you would pe providing people with the information they
Asked on Feb 12, 2016 20:20:24 PM by Happy from Pismo Beach, California
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