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Adopt a Meerkat

Meerkats are social animals that live in the southern plains of Africa. They are often seen in groups known as mobs living together in a large community. Mobs are made up of several families with one dominant female and one dominant male who produce most of the offspring. Meerkats work together in numbers and communicate with purring sounds. Some serve as lookouts watching the skies for birds of prey that can snatch them from the ground and will let out a shrill call to signal for all to take cover. Others will look for food that makes up their varied diet of insects, lizards, birds, and fruit. Meerkats live in underground burrows of tunnel-and-room systems that remain cool under the broiling sun. Females will give birth in one of the burrows. All adult meerkats and siblings pitch in to help raise the young in educating them in hunting and survival techniques. Adopt a meerkat today!

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