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Adopt a Lemur

Ring-tailed lemurs are primates native to the African island country of Madagascar. The dry forest habitat that they depend on for survival is rapidly vanishing. Ring-tailed lemurs can easily be identified by their long, striped, black-and-white tail. Unlike some other primate cousins, ring-tailed lemurs use their tails for balance but can't grasp with them. Instead, they use their hands and feet to move through the trees. They also spend time on the ground looking for fruit which is a mainstay in their diet. Lemurs have scent glands that give them a unique odor that they use as a communication tool and weapon. They mark their territory with their scent with male lemurs battling for dominance during mating season by trying to out stink each other. Both male and female ring-tailed lemurs live together in groups known as troops, but a dominant female presides over all. Adopt a lemur today

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