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Adopt a Desert Tortoise

Desert tortoises are among the most enduring of all animals, with an ancestry that may date back as much as 80 million years. But today, these ancient reptiles are disappearing at an alarming rate, with some populations dropping more than 90% in just the past 30 years. The desert tortoise faces threats from habitat destruction. Without efforts to protect remaining desert habitat and to restock populations, desert tortoises in California’s Mojave Desert could well be driven to extinction. Efforts are underway to limit urban development, livestock grazing on public lands, and use of off-road vehicles on public lands that destroy tortoise habitat. Left in peace to eat spring wildflowers, hibernate in burrows during the winter and spend many hot summer days below ground, a desert tortoise can live more than 100 years. With your help, this amazing animal will survive into the next century. Adopt a desert tortoise today!

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