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Adopt a Caribou

Caribou live in boreal and tundra habitats in Alaska. Unlike other members of the deer family, both male and female caribou have antlers. Males tend to have larger and more impressive antlers than the females. The antlers are tall and form a crescent shape on the head. An interesting feature of the caribou are the hooves which are very useful for digging in snow, swimming and traveling long distances over snow and ice. The hooves are large and concave, which help support the heavy weight of the caribou and prevent them from sinking in the snow. Most caribou experience a long and difficult migration between their summer and winter feeding grounds. In the late spring, herds of caribou migrate north, sometimes traveling over 600 miles. They feed in the grassy tundra during the summer, only to turn around and migrate back south to the boreal forests for winter. Help NWF in its efforts to protect and recover the wild places that sustain wildlife. Adopt a caribou today!

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