Adopt a Bottlenose Dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is found primarily in coastal and inshore areas of tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions. In the U.S., it is found along the East Coast from Massachusetts to Florida, in the Gulf States from Florida to Texas, and in Hawaii. Bottlenose dolphins have a highly developed sense of hearing and make a wide variety of sounds for communicating and navigating, including clicks, squeaks, and whistles. Each dolphin appears to have its own unique whistle to communicate information on its identity, location, and condition to other dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are social animals and spend most of their time in small groups called ’pods’, but sometimes get together in large herds of several hundred. Pollution and fisherman’s nets are the dolphin’s greatest threat to their habitat and survival. Please help NWF in its efforts to protect and recover the wild places that sustain wildlife. Adopt a bottlenose dolphin today!

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