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Trees for Wildlife

Trees for Wildlife
Strive for a Million or More
Help NWF plant more than 1,000,000 trees in the next three years and have a direct effect on protecting wildlife for our children's future. Trees for Wildlife In Action
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National Wildlife Federation's Trees for Wildlife program educates youth about the role trees play in our lives, inspire them to become stewards of their environment and engage them in taking action by planting and caring for trees in their community. Since 2010, NWF has planted over 60,000 trees in 20 states across the continental US in areas affected by natural disasters such as forest fires, tornadoes, drought, hurricanes and flooding. Through donations and tree sponsorships, NWF creates a tree bank for planting twice a year, during the fall and spring when trees are in dormancy. Planting a variety of trees including both deciduous and conifer (evergreen) trees helps to support wildlife diversity and also helps to avoid a monoculture of tree species that is not healthy for the eco-system.

Support NWF's Trees for Wildlife program with a tree sponsorship to donate a tree to our tree bank. All donations received help youth across the country to learn about, plant and care for trees.